Hey all! 👋

I'm Nilesh Kevlani, a Software Engineer based out of India.

On most of the Internet, I go by njkevlani name. You can find my online profile in the Links section above ^.

For the majority of my career, I have been working on Distributed Backend Systems.

Right now I'm working with the Platform Team at ShareChat. This team is responsible for writing and maintaining common libraries and systems which are used across the company in different products, serving billions of requests per day.

Before ShareChat, I was working with Rzorpay and Crewkarma.

Check out my resume for more details at https://njkevlani.github.io/resume or PDF version at https://njkevlani.github.io/resume/pdf

I try to write a few insightful things that I learn in my day-to-day life and document them here. Check out the Blogs and TILs sections above for them ^.

Topics of my interests are programming in general, distributed systems, linux, desktop environments (xfce, i3, sway), thinkpads, bash, (n)vim, intellij, vscode, git, kubernetes, containers, etc. Expect to bump into these things while you go through my Blogs/TILs :)